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98663 Hellingen (Thüringen)

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Verein für Integrationshilfe benachteiliger Menschen e.V.




The association

Our charitable association supports self-help groups in organizing processes and it looks after officially encouraged projects. And our association cares as well for individuals who don’t manage their life despite own efforts, by offering them financial aid to be able to profit from therapies and assistance in learning.

We cooperate with family therapists, dyslexia trainers and psychologists who are engaged for the individual projects. This enables us to offer real support.

According to our financial possibilities, we may also offer additive payment, if the individual’s own money is not sufficient to afford such measures.

We cooperate with young people who are experienced in leading groups and who are ready to advice and to help in organizing.

In addition we try to make known the people in need to each other to support self-defense.

In our locations including yard and garden in the south of Thuringia, we organize intercultural events, Workcamps and workshops/seminars.