Involved in process of preparation:
1) A Workcamp focused on self-organized life in a group of people that bring along different social and cultural backgrounds

2) A project focused on self-management of disadvantaged people




Our program is addressing:

Self-help groups and disadvantaged people. Long-term unemployed, migrants, handicapped and others.

Promotion in case of dyslexia:

In these days we specially focus on works with dyslexics.
Therefore we have developed a project which was honored as worth to be promoted by the government of Thuringia



We mediate self-help groups, dyslexia trainer, therapists and law-consulters.

Of course we also welcome you as individual person!

We look after self-help groups and we assist in planning processes for new ones.

We develop projects as an answer to demands and current situation of society.

We support and accompany existing and developing projects.

We assist in finding and applying for promotion funds.

We are pleased to be inspired by your ideas!